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I was just wondering if anyone else has a problem with their patch cords? It seems like every patch cord I buy, even the heavy-duty ones, always have a short in them and either result in a bunch of feedback or they just cut out in the middle of songs.

So, discuss. Good cords?
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90% of the time, IME, it's been an issue with the jack on the pedal, not the patch cable.
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I had some Hosa right angle patch chords a while back, all of them shorted eventually except one. I got a 6 pack of hosa 6" patch chords 5 years back, not a single short, just a little added noise due to the extra cable length. I bought a 3 pack of Monster patch cables, no added noise, no shorts.

The key to getting good patch chords that last is to not cut them with scissors.
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Monster cables are good. So are Planet Waves...

I once had a cable that sounded horrible and when i checked it out..it said *Radio Shack*.
problem solved.
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