im doing this song for my schools talent show, its a beautiful song
i was actually just looking at another youtube video of someone playing it to make sure im playing the solo right

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I really like this song too, nice job on it, good playing with very few mistakes.
I'm wondering if you could have gotten a better Satch tone with the gear you have though...idk.

Well done though, C4C some of the stuff in my profile?

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Hey man!

I wasn't familiar with this particular Satch song, but it seems you did a pretty good job nailing that Satch tone and playing style! I can recognise the emotion you put in... good job mate!
Only thing you need to work on is the solo... it sounds sloppy at times. But don't get me wrong, overall it's still more than decent!

On the whole, I think you have yourself a pretty good cover there! And you made my fingers itch to cover this one too and that's a good thing!

Good job mate! Crit my own Satch cover?

Nice job....if i had a thing to say it would be to bring the bass and drums out a bit and drop the lead guitar back a bit.......but thats just quibbling.... nice clean playing! ..... ... by the way did they give you a bowl of soup with that hat!!! cforc my song http://soundclick.com/share?songid=7374127
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