whats up guys. I was noticing that my fretting is getting better and more accurate, but i notice that on some days my strumming is really slow, and when i try to strum faster, my wrist tightens up. Am i doing something wrong?
poop. funniest word ever.
try warming up your wrist. stretching it out a little bit by stretching your fingers back and some simple triplets or a pentonic.

im new so if you don't want to take my advice, i totally understnd.
Yeah, definately keep your loose.

Do you mean strumming chords and such, or alternate picking?
The things I noticed that make me slower or play worse are playing in a cold room, playing when very tired or not warming up a bit first. One thing to do is just relax and keep playing. Sometimes to start with you will find it a bit tough going but if you relax and keep playing you will warm up and get into it nicely.
yes i noticed it too, playing in a cold room def makes it harder to play. But basically i mean picking different notes sometimes i notice that my fretting hand keeps up with the song but its my picking hand that slows waaaaaaaaaaay down
poop. funniest word ever.
play it slow enough so you can easily play it with both hands in sync. then gradually build up speed
For starters you need to be fully awake. When ever I'm only half awake I just slowly strum on my acoustic if i feel like playing guitar since it helps me relax and I know I cant strum fast unless I'm awake. Also gradually working up to high speed (aka warming up) helps me strum fast and accuratly
Have a good one,
As with the recent posts, yeah it would be better to warmup your hands before playing maybe some arpeggios,struming a few chord progressions, some string skipping etc. But make sure your hand is relaxed dont put more than enough pressure than what you need. In time your hand would be more and more comfortable with strumming at different speeds. Also don't rush to play fast, never sacrifice accuracy for speed.
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