me and my friend are doing a talent show and we need to have a drum track for "she's a handsome woman" do any of you have this or can you tell me how to get this?
Unless you have access to the master tapes (which you don't) you can't isolate the drum track. There are ways to get there somewhat with EQing out other instruments but results are usually disappointing. Do a Google search for She's a Handsome Woman backing tracks, you might just find what you need.

Alternatively, you could get a drum machine program and program the drum track yourself. If the song is simple enough it should be easy.
^ what he said, unless the recording is old recorded in mono, where tracks are panned separately, it's near impossible

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Either program it with EZDrummer, use a Rock Band kit as a MIDI trigger with EZDrummer, or find a drummer to join in the show.

EDIT: Or take the really lazy way out and set a drum machine with a generic beat to the right tempo and roll with that.
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