I'm curious if my English Muffin is functioning properly. I have to crank the volume knob to max to get a reasonable output level that compares with my other pedals. All of my other pedals have a stronger output. In bypass the clean guitar signal is as strong as the Muff'n with the volume maxed and the gain about mid.

I haven't tried changing out the tubes or monkeying with it. I've been keeping the output of my other pedals lower so that it's equalized with the chain. But I'm thinking that if something is wrong, then maybe I'm not getting the best tone out it as well.

Has anyone else noticed that the output level isn't that high with the volume maxed?
I lol'd when i saw this... i am eating some english muffins for breakfast right now :P

unfortunately i can't help with your question, sorry.
Mystery solved. It was a bad cable after the Muff'n on the pedal board that measured 320 ohms signal to ground. The clean signal was strong because I had a Magicstomp in front that fully buffered the signal and was able to drive the 320 ohm short without signal loss. And the pedal in front of the Muff'n was a Nady TD-1 tube distortion that had a strong output signal as well. The other distortion pedals after the Muff'n were unaffected.