This is my first time in the Gear Building forum, so ill start to say my Gear
- Epiphone Les Paul Standard (Stock pups)
- Vox Valvetronix Ad15vt

My problem is that, 2 months ago my Epi started to give me some problems. The switcher is somehow making "bad contact" and now i cant use the Neck Humbucker. I bought it in usa and as i live now in Portugal warranty is worthless.

I already know a good luthier to solve me this problem so my question is not where, but what humbucker should i put? I know that i dont need to change, but i dont like my tone , and this way the luthier would also make me that

My favorite tones are mainly from strat-players so i would also want to know if is possible to have a single coil on the bridge and a hb on the neck?

At last what can you recommend me?
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Ps sory for my english , i know its pretty bad
sounds like you have a lose wire that needs to be soldered, the perfect pickup for you is the duncan alnico pro 2
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Hmm, you could consider trying P90s... they're a single coil wrapped more at a humbucker size. They generally get a "fatter" single coil tone, but not quite as much as a humbucker. That might work well for you.
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