I was cosidering purchasing the fret board logic lession books but was wondering if anyone else here has used them and what they thought or if anyone could recommend a few good guitar books for a novice. and dont even say MEL BAY I swear on my right hand i will reach out from behind this screen and let you feel my ego shattering ice cold pimp hand
ya any way just some tolerable quality matierial would help me alot. and also a starter thoery book if there is such a thing????
i think you should try Mel Bay... oh damn lol

in all seriousness, i really dont know. if you think it would help you become a better guitarist go for it. you cant have to many books. i brought a crap load of books that i didn't use for years. it wasnt until i went back to them i realized it was a bad mistake.
I'm going through it now, it's really great if you want to a) learn all the notes on the guitar and b) learn scale/chords patterns for every key, anywhere on the neck.

Plus, it teaches you intervals.

I'd definitely buy it
I'd just take a look at the free lessons we have here, that cover relatively (if not) the same material.

Print it.

Staple it.

omg lookz, free theory book

Memorization helps as well.


And it keeps going... and going... and going... all the way down the neck.

Then look and write out the patterns on a piece of paper.

Tab out the octaves/where you find that note on the fretboard (eg; C is the B string, first fret, A string 3rd fret, etc.)

Construct a major/minor scale from the key you want, tab all the notes in that key, wallah. Free scales.

ohshi- free book?

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There are enough quality free lessons online for technique that buying a book is not necessary. If you are doing it to learn theory then it will hinder your musical development greatly, as it will focus on guitar which will hurt your understanding of the concepts and give you a very narrow view of terms and applications. Take an intro to music theory class at your local community college instead.
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I have Fretboard Logic and I've been playing for a few years. I think its a great book that simply focuses on the organization of the guitar which is essential for knowing where you are and where you're going. It teaches the CAGED method for chords, scales, and arpeggios. Get the special edition for vol.1 and 2. Its not a technique book or theory book per se, but it does deal with some of those issues. I don't think you can find a lot of its info on the net, at least I didn't.
I don't know about Fretboard Logic, but a book I would recommend is Fretboard Mastery by Troy Stetina, which ties in all your scale and chord knowledge with your ear and gives you a skillset to eventually and ultimately play anything your mind can think of.
For my bass I found out all the stuff with a beginners book to learn the notes and found that the note repeat themselves over the fretboard. Magazines and stuff are a good way to get scale help and stuff most books I encountered teach the same things over and over so it doesn't really matter. There's lessons here and people to answer your questions, so do what you think is in your best interest. There's info everywhere.
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It does give you an interesting way of looking at the fretboard (the CAGED system), but I really gon't think it's worth the price, to be honest.

So, if you can find a used copy for a good price - go for it. But don't buy it new.

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I picked up the latest version of Fretboard Logic a couple of weeks ago, I have found it to be outstanding and worth every penny of the 70 or so bucks I paid for it. The whole fretboard is starting to become logical. Barreing (sp) the open cords G,D and somewhat with C reminds me how frustrating it was when I starting learning the guitar a long time ago, but it is getting easier. Love being CAGED!