Alright, so i recently purchased a used 40th anniversary Strat, and im having some troubles with the neck pickup tone selector. When in the neck position, the tone pot does nothing. It doesn't change the tone one bit when turned, and makes no hissing sounds. I even replaced it already and that didn't do anything. The guitar is wired with a TBX tone control in the other spot and a jumper to allow for middle and bridge pups to be controlled simultaneously. Thing is tho, when i turn that knob, it only effects the bridge pup, not the middle pup. could it be a bad 5-way selector? or if that was bad would it not work at all? any suggestions?
Go to the Ultimate Wiring diagram thread and draw a diagram (using the clipboard in post 4 of the link in my sig) of how the guitar is currently wired. NOT a diagram of what it's supposed to be, but of what it IS NOW.

Post any remaining questions in there, please...