The first song is a cover by a pretty unknown band (on UG anyway), but the original is the second song. I'm the dude in the red throne on the right. I have to play it like that cause I just had shoulder surgery.



hey, first of all, sorry to hear about your shoulder, second of all, thanks for the crit, and third of all, congrats on a pretty sweet performance!

Your singer was quite charismatic, and quite a decent singer, as well as that you guys were extremely tight.

Only two small criticisms,

1. Tell you bass player to walk around a little more, make it look like he's enjoying it, especially while you can't move around, he's got double the workload stage wise.

2. Acoustic guitar was hard to hear, but of course thats the mixer's problem.

Other than that, you guys were awesome.
pretty sweet man, i like. Your singer is really good, sounds like a country song a bit with the vocals. It was a lil tough to hear the acoustic and the electric, but thats prolly due to the cameras sound recording quality.This is a really tight performance. hopefully your shoulder heals up so yaall can move around a lil bit more. keep up the great work. could you crit mine
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