Antagonic Omnipotent Catharsis - The music is even better than the name


When a band has a name and logo that awesome and intricate you know the music will match. The only thing missing is big sunglasses.

AOC is a one man (epic) black metal band that's released 2 splits and an EP. The splits are OK, but the material on the EP, ...Onwards the Path to Antagony, is fantastic. It's a very amazing, and at times progressive, EP. It reminds me of a (better) NeO.

The myspace doesn't do much for music samples or information, so I took the liberty of uploading a song just for your sake, UG.
shouldnt it be antagonistic?

im gonna check..

Edit: alright, crisis averted antagonic is fine.
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Pretty good. Guitars are a bit too muffled in spots, but nothing serious. Had a fantastic, almost Maiden-esque epicness to it in some spots. I've stumbled upon this band accidentally through their name, but never listened.
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The logo really doesn't fit the music.
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First of all - get rid of the first generation black metal imagery - The music isn't following through on the imagery. Other than that... Calling this ''Black Metal'' is hugely questionable, it's more epic than dark - Reminds me more of Iron Maiden/Turisas more than anything else. I'm all into musicians working on their own - It's hard as a frozen trout to do and it can yield extreme results, but this shouldn't be labeled ''Black metal'' at all. This is good, but it's not Black Metal - If It wasn't mislabeled I'd give it 5*'s, any day.
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Bump, because I just got contacted by Cid, the man behind the music. He sent me a few messages on youtube thanking me for putting up his music. Pretty cool dude.

"I have a lot of material from that era which I haven't even recorded, the time will soon come for my health is much better.

I also have new material but that needs to be worked on.

Thanks again for the support!"

Pretty happy about this, myself. Glad to hear the man is in better health after recovering from cancer. Such great music...
Better than NeO? Impossible!
Nice stuff, but the guitars should be slightly clearer.

To guy above: It sounds like Black Metal to me.
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I like this. It's grim but epic. Like black metal with a drop of power metal for melody.

I just noticed, there's a Saetia song with that title.
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Yeah, i've heard these before, I think you rec'd them to me a while ago, along with Raate.

It's not often I really say it for Black Metal, but better production would really bring out so much more from this. The guitar leads sound ace though.
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I feel the exact same way Dyers. This type of posty-progressive black metal definitely deserves a clearer production (and the vocals could use a bit of work). It might have just been a money issue aswell, the artist has been dealing with cancer for a while and is still recovering.
Recording your album while recovering from cancer makes it twice as grim.
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Sounds a bit like Pale Folklore in the intro. Nice stuff.
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The guitarwork is good. But the overall impression feels weak to me. The name is just silly.