Not bad yeah like you said the vocals could have been louder. Or the guitar could have been quieter. I'm not sure But thats pretty much it overall good Crit mine?

The vocals are a little quieter, so maybe boost them up a bit. Maybe add a little bit of reverb, just a little on the guitar and maybe a tad bit on the vocals as well.
As for musical quality, vocals are good and guitars good. Like It.
Thx for the Crit

I like the lyrics and the part where you sing "concealing it all" it sound gr8
it some parts the vocals are a bit quiet,

it was pretty well recorded,

just a suggestion the acoustic track sounds good
but it could do with another guitar to complement it for a chorus maye played some nice rhythm chords, and like for the second verse come in with a bass. but thats entirely up to you, and maybe thats not the style that ur looking for

it's hard to tell someone how to improve their song without changing the style of the song

all the best for future composing and recording
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I thought it was pretty good, the guitar was kinda cool I just would have liked to hear you build the song more musical though. Vocally at the begin I couldnt make out any words you were saying the guitar overpowered your voice. I thought it was a bit low for you aswell it wasnt bad it just kind seemed to low for your voice at first. Once you started singing the higher part your voice sounded alot better and it blended with the guitar well as apposed to being overpowered like it was early in the song. Overall pretty good just work on those couple things.

Crit mine?