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I'm 18, passed my test in January and now my car insurance renewal is approaching. And the premium's grown from £630 to £1300. It's only a little 1.25l Fiesta, btw.
Naturally, my dad isn't too happy with that, and wants to shop around. We went on Confused and I updated the profile to make me qualified; I got a minimum quote of £800. Now here's the weird thing; I then added Pass Plus (which I was gonna do over Easter) to the profile, and nothing changed in the prices.

Does Pass Plus actually lower your insurance premium? If so, by a significant amount? Or is it just another money-spinner for instructors?


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It depends. Some insurance companies do lower it, some don't. I did pass plus (and apart from it being the most boring 6 hours of my life) my insurance wasn't brought down at all, but the company I was with was still the cheapest.

So really you just have to find out which insurance companies will reduce the cost. But to be honest, I've heard if they do lower the price, it's not worth it, considering the Pass Plus course is around 60 quid or so.
It's usually a waste of time.
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From a driving confidence perspective, ignoring insurance, it's a lot better to get out there and get some experience on the road.

Not long after I passed my test I drove for miles in the dark and rain down a country road to pick up my parents from a party lol.
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Why not go all out and have skid training and stunt lessons too.
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it's a lot better to get out there and get some experience on the road.


A few years no claims is a hundred times better than a silly pass plus badge. The pass plus is like buying a steak at a restaurant and paying more for sauce. It'll improve it, yes, but steaks are pretty good on their own. If you don't buy the sauce it doesn't matter because you'll forget about it in the future.
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Because that would be silly. How often would you be driving at night or in the rain, and how often will you be required to jump a car that's been set on fire over the Tyne?
Okay, okay, well they should at least put the Scandinavian flick in the driving test.
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It's just a money-spinner.

It depends on your instructor.

Mine was saying that it's supposed to be 6 lessons, but he'd do it in two for me (because I was such an ace driver ) by the sounds of it he was just gonna take me down the motorway to Coleshill and come back up by some country roads whilst talking about driving in the snow.
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My brothers friend did it and his dropped by £23 lol... I suppose its good for that bit of experience, but then again you'll of done most of it on your lessons, the only thing I hadn't covered was motorways.
It depends who you go with.
Mine dropped by £100 and that was on a 1.4 Seat Ibiza Sport.
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Hmm, interesting points. Since I passed my test, I've been using my car A LOT. I live 40 miles from home when at uni, and I've pretty much mastered the motorway trip - been home and back solo about 10 times already. I have great confidence in motorway driving, am a very safe and careful driver normally (also had plenty of snow experience), and my car isn't a boy-racer's car.
Sounds like it really isn't worth doing the Pass Plus anyway then.

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Yes it is worth it.
Mine is getting cut by 30% when I pass it woo. So costs £75 and I save £195
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Don't do the online insurance quotes with the pass plus options because nothing happens if you select that option: the price never ever changes. Ring them instead and tell them, usually I get about tennish percent off. It isn't that much though.

For the experience, however, it's priceless. Not only was my instructor the most amazing guy ever, it teaches you things that many many many people I know don't ever do because they're scared of it. My best friend who has been driving for 3 years now and is super confident on the roads won't go anywhere near a motorway, and uses A-roads to get around everywhere.
My other good mate avoids country roads like the plague, and my mother refuses to drive at night.

So what you get out of it is definitely worth it, trust me
Plus, you get to spend one final set of lessons with your instructor, and they treat you differently since you now hold a full licence
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Confused.com don't have access to some of the better insurance companies for 18 year olds with full licenses.

The cheapest quote I got from Confused and Compare the market was around £1200. Lloyds Insurance and Direct Line both gave me quote of around £1000, so try those two sites.
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