I'm looking for the cheapest possible amp (TUBE!) for getting some heavy, thick distortion. I want something with alot of UMPH () and also it has to be able to take pedals.

I've not got a price range but it has to be pretty cheap as it's only for practising in my room. (but tbh around £50 would be awesome)

- I play metal (heavy songs)
- Must have some pretty cool tones.

I'm asking alot for such a cheap amp but can you guys help me?
Peavey Vypyr 15. There's not going to be a tube combo for 50 quid that can do metal.
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Peavey Vypyr 15.

That's not tube. The tube vypyr's come in 60 watts and 120.
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used 5150 combo


EDIT: B-52 at112

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I already have a vypyr. Tbh i've been looking for something that has 2 channels and can handle pedals. So i guess the amp distortion doesnt even matter.

New Q: I need a decent amp for super cheap which can handle metal which isn't a vypyr as I already have one XD
for 50 you're going to struggle. tube wise even a valve junior head is going to set you back more than £50

try a vox amplug? or look at whats in 2nd hand stores
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The amplug is actually the perfect thing for me because i love playing before bed.

What's it like with a pedal lol? (guessing crappy)
go with a tube carvin
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