Recently, I had a dream in which I was instated in a concentration camp. The beginning of the dream was hazy, basically, it looked like a burnt up boarding school or something, but the end was very vivid. It was basically everybody was eating at the tables outside. The ground is gravel and there are two barb wire fences with about a couple of yards of space in between.

After everybody finished eating, there was a big crowd of people (mostly children and teens) going back to their barracks and such, (let me make a note here that I am not controlling by body) and I decide to make an attempt at escape. I dash for a hole in the first fence and I make it through. No guards noticed me. It takes me awhile to get through the second fence, but I make it and begin to run.

The outside surrounding the camp was very abundant and lush in green and trees, very foresty. So as I begin to run, the escape alarm goes off, and there the dream ends.

That is not why I wanted to make this post for though. I believe in a theory that dreams are possibly a past life of your soul. so was I possibly a concentration camp prisoner in another life? Can anyone help tell me if they recognize any concentration camp from that description given?
idk, but if you think you are dreaming, count your fingers, if there are more or less that 5 fingers, then you will know that you are dreaming, and then u can start lucid dreaming. its awesome..
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