I have AT&T and our contract just got renewed and the only phone my parents would get me was a really crappy free one. Well... it goes off randomly in the middle of phone calls and text sending and the camera sucks. It also drops about 2/3 of all the texts i send. So what i'm asking is do any of you know a good cheap ($20-50) that has a moderately good camera (although not necessary) and is reliable with texting?

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I hear iPhone is pretty nice.

yeah i would get one if i had 250

Ibanez RG7621
Ibanez RG121
grab a sony ericcson the slider not the flip... the flip breaks like a toothpick... but they've got memory slot, music, great camera, lots of little tools and fun stuff... they're pretty good
you could get a refurbished iPhone off of att's website for $99.

but then again, I'm assuming you wouldn't want to fool with their required $30 dollar data plan.
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