how do you go about stopping volume wars. this singer guy who's trying out has his equipment and we can go off that sometimes, make sure everyone is equal... but hes not always there. so how do you stop volume wars personally?

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Don't try to be louder, and ask them to turn down if they turn up. If they don't turn down, go turn it down to your level, but not LOWER. Make sure you're equal.

You're in a band, each member is equally important, this should be heard equally as well.

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Don't try to be louder, and ask them to turn down if they turn up. If they don't turn down, go turn it down to your level, but not LOWER. Make sure you're equal.

You're in a band, each member is equally important, this should be heard equally as well.

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that depends on what you play. this is my personal opinion, but when i played in a band we always had the bass a litle higher aswell as solo guitar. that really just depends on what you want the crowd to focus on. doesn't need to be the most important instrument (because they are all equaly important) but sometimes, for example in metal, guitars and drums are what catches more attention. just addapt to your syle.
Learn to listen to the band as a whole as opposed to just your guitar.

Don't change your volume unless someone else in the band asks you to. Assume that he/she is also listening to the sound of the band as a whole.

Ask questions like, "Can you hear me?" or "Am I too loud over there?"

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depends on the song, try to come to an agreement, if it' a cover make it like the original song...
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Volume wars is about all my band gets up to at practice - me and the bassist usually just give up though because the drummer is always that little bit too loud
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try to remember that just because you can hear the bass where you are, doesnt mean everyone else can. same goes for any instrument although you'll prolly all be able to hear the drums. try to position yourselves so that everyone can hear everything correctly. have a think about where the sound is being directed and what it will bounce off, such as a wall etc. positioning is everything. dont expect to hear the bass if your standing in a corner with the bass amp faced to the corner opposite you, for example.
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Make sure that everything is clear. If it's a bass solo, by all means, let him rock out. Otherwise, bass should be a bit louder so that lower register is audible. Drums will never need this arrangement. They're loud enough O_o.
Agree on it before you start playing too. If they want a volume war, don't be a stupid and join it. They will always be aable to go that extra step to win. Just play the songs, turn it down when necessary, and rock on.
At the beginning of practice make sure you get the best possible positioning of the equipment so everyone in the band can hear everybody else. If one member of the band wears ear plugs; all band members should wear earplugs. Once all that is sorted play around with levels. In my band the guitarists/bassist have presets on our pedals for lead and rhythm work (as wee mix it up a bit so everyone gets their own piece of the limelight!), because we practice in different rooms most weeks, these levels usually have to be tweaked a bit. Once we are happy we play through a song, then discuss what we could and couldn't hear. Then we tweak again until everyone is happy.

What does really help though is that everyband member understands that the band needs to sound good as a whole. If even one band member can't get this into their head...well...you're going to have difficulties.
Don't tell people to turn down, tell people to listen to the other instruments in the mix and adjust volume accordingly. I've met musicians who somehow have never figured out that they're supposed to listen to the other musicians and adjust their volume accordingly.

I have a great system worked out with the guys I've been playing with lately: set all amp/PA volume in the first 5 minutes then don't touch it for the rest of the evening. ANy volume adjustment someone needs to do after that point must come through their instrument or technique. Don't you touch that amp! No!
I have all the amps next to me, so I can sneak turns at the volume while no one looks. Usually, with keyboards/guitars with a volume control, I turn up the amp all the way, and when they realize it's way too loud, they turn the volume on their instrument to a good volume. It works out, but the drums are just bloody loud.