Would this work well? I was going to sell my Little Big Muff because through my amp (Laney GH50L with a Behringer cab...yes, I know. Behringer.) it sounded way too boomy and basically just sounded like ****. But I tried it through my bass players amp, and it sounded much better. If I was to plug my head into a bass cab, would that sound alright, do you think? Anyone else done it?
I'd be doing it for kinda stoner/jam rock (Fu Manchu, Kyuss, Clutch etc), but I'd also want to be able to play classic rock, progressive rock/metal and glam stuff.

I was going to get a new cab anyway, just because I'm not too keen on the Behringer one personally, so do you think I'd be better off just getting a really nice guitar cab, or getting a nice bass cab with a tweeter?
I don't know much about all of this, so take it easy if I've said something really stupid.

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well it sounds boomy most likely because of your cab...if you wanna sell the muff to add money to the cab fund, then go for it. bass amps/cabs are typically used for clean players, i think keith richards used some back in the day, but i dont think i;ve ever heard of a metal guy using one. I think you'd be better of with a regular guitar cab...whats your budget?
i recorded the guitar tracks to my bands ep with a head running a guitar cab and a bass cab in stereo. we miced up each cab and blended the sounds for each track. the songs are on my bands profile if you want to check it out
Well right now, my plan is to keep the Muff and get a better cab, and then in time, sell the Muff and get a Death By Audio Fuzz War. But at the moment, my budget is pretty low...$500 AUS maybe.
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It's about $350ish, I think...not too sure though. I was thinking of waiting until I've got about a $1000 Aus, and then buying an Avatar or an Orange 2x12, seeing as I don't really want/need a 4x12.
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id suggest going with an avatar instead of orange, becasue you can get a better speaker in there, if you really wanted you can even get an avatar 4/12 with nice speakers for less than the orange, but i fyou wanna stick with a 2/12, you can get insanely nice speakers, they have similar specs to the orange cabs too