Hey guys. I visited my local music store today and they had a Boss Phase Shifter that I fell in love with the moment I plugged it in.

Would it be a decent idea to trade in my Boss Flanger for a Boss Phase Shifter or would I be throwing my money away? It seems like it can do the same stuff as a Flanger and more.

I'm leaning towards doing it, but I just wanted UG's oppinion.
don't know, i have both a phaser and a flanger because they don't sound the same at all to me... but maybe that's because i have two very different pedals.. I think the flanger sounds better though, my phaser sounds better than my flanger but the flange effect sounds nicer to my ears
Haven't played with Boss flange, just fab flange. My opinion is that you should get what you feel you'll use more with your playing. I personally would go for a flange because I go from grungy and bluesy to space-y and hypnotic music. I would def go for the flange if you like to play spacey music or even more slower paced 'full note sounding' music because it adds a demension a bend or a whammy or a vibrato cannot add if you use it.
Hmmm...This is a very tough decision. I think I'll have to play them side-by-side in the store. See which one is more versitile, or has the better tone. I really love them both when I was playing them separately, but there was an hour between when I played the phaser and the flanger. So I might just be imagining how good it was.

Ehh...I'll see if I can get back to the music store sometime soon.