So I'm working through this thing and I'm just in awe of how much detail there is in Jason's playing, nuance-wise, and I was wondering if I could get some opinions of what exactly he is doing in some bits. With regards to the measures I refer to, I'm using the guitar pro transcription found on UG.

i. (first 32 bars) there are some spots where he plays on the backside/slurs some of the eighth note triplet figures together, and in some spots, I think he's bending a step and half and lowering the bend in time, yes?

ii. same section, sounds like he might be dipping with the bar before hitting some of the quarter notes (e.g. ms 2,4,6,etc..) and scooping into the pitch. or is he sliding?

iii. (measure 43-50) is there a way to get this figure to sit any better on the guitar?

iv. (ms 61-64) My biggest question: Great stylish melody in the major mode, and I'm trying to find all the nuances here. wide vibrato/shakes on a lot of the longer notes? how do you think he's doing that initial 1/8th, 16th triplet figure? It's so smooth. I though he might be doing it with the bar, but it's so accurate (but it is Jason)

Just some thoughts/questions I had when trying to learn from a master.
I: You have to remember that a lot of his phrasing is him attempting to copy Marty Friedman (just as many of Marty's technical bits are trying to copy Becker) which has him working a very wide vibrato with huge bends.

II: I think it's a slide in, but with a flick of the bar as well. Don't hold me to that, but that's what my ear tells me as I listen now.

III: Not looking at the tab, but it's probably 50-50. Some tabbers just import MIDI, which has messy fingerings, but Becker has a nasty habit of writing ****ing obnoxious licks.

IV: See I. There are some parts that are clearly whammy tricks, but it mostly sounds like a lot of unusual phrasing.

Hope that was helpful.
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