i got a korg tuner, i love it. i'm basically tone def. i can tune better by the tension of the strings better than by ear. (i'm always within a note when i do it by tension, too)
get a korg ca-30 great tuner for like only like $30
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I usually tune by harmonics but I find it sort of annoying at times. Also I don't have a Floyd rose so I tune it everyday. I'd buy one if I were you just to get the exact tone wherever you are.
Korgs and Peterson StroboStomps are the most reliable and accurate. But for practicality sake, get a Korg.
boss tu-2 chromatic tuner. a bit pricey, but honestly it's one of my favorite pieces of equipment.
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I have a korg chromatic tuner and it works great.
I think they have a model that is a chromatic tuner and a metronome, which is always useful.
ill look into those. and yeah im sitting her going "duhhh" because what happens when i dont have a comp or internet to use it haha stupid me.
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