Ok, I think the problem lies with my amp. When a cable into my amps out line, it creates horrible static sounds. I'm not sure if this is my amp, my guitar, or protools (since the out line connects to my mbox). Another concern is that I've tried it with three different amps (albeit they were all ****ty amps). Is it time for a new amp, guitar, or recording setup?
I would try a new cable and if that doesnt work, then its probally the amp.
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I have two different cables. Naturally, I need to use both of them to make a full set up. One connecting guitar to amp, the other connecting the amp to the mbox. I trie switching them around, but it didn't do anything. I'm not sure if that would change anything, since they're both in the setup either way. I will try getting a new cable though, because its worth a shot, and its alot cheaper than buying a whole new amp.