I just started using guitar rig 3 and whenever i play i hear the effects i set up AND my guitar CLEAN, so I could be using the Gratifier with all gain an-d ballssss ANDD i would still hear my guitar clean, not as loud, but its annoying.

How do i get rid of the INPUT (my guitar) and just hear the OUTPUT (Guitar Rig).

Im using it as a INSERT in Cubase LE and with the MONITOR button on (If i dont click MONITOR i would only hear the clean guitar) if it helps.

Thank you in advance.
Mac or PC?
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Are you using an interface like a Presonus Audiobox or something?

'cause on mine you have to turn the Mix knob to 'Playback' all the way to just hear the dirty signal.
yeah the firepod.

Yes i know what you mean, but if i do that while recording, it'll throw off the balance of the instrument being recorded and the other tracks that are already laid out.
The mix knob should be turned all the way left, or all the way right....same happens if the mix knob on my Mbox is turned to the middle.
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