I was thinking of going and getting the '69 CS Pups, but before I do, I was wondering if there are any brands better suited to my needs. I play almost exclusively classic rock and blues, Hendrix, Clapton, SRV type stuff.

Edit: Left out some information, I have a Strat, and I would like to stay single coils if possible.
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I think fender cs is your best bet. Assuming you have a Strat, the '69s or the Texas Specials would be right up your alley.
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For SRV and Hendrix Texas Specials and Fat 50's are you best bet.

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I have the Fat 50's in my strat and they sound amazing. Very vintage but as the name say a little fatter tone.
I've got Texas Specials in the neck and middle on one of my Strats, and I like them alot. But in another Strat, I've got Seymour Duncan Antiquities. And I love them. They're warmer, and sound more like (what I think), a Strat's suppoesed to sound like.
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I have texas specials in my strat, they are excellent. I also have a strat deluxe which has hot samarium cobalt noiseless pickups which are also good, you may want to check them out , I think they are a bit cheaper than the texas specials. they are have a very warm classic fender tone and are VERY loud.
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I have the 69's and they are fantastic.Seems like they would fit perfectly.
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