Anybody else heard of these guys? Their Myspace says they are from Indiana.

Real good band though, they just released a new song Deceiver and are in the process of coming out with a new album.

Their first one Monuments was also very good, I actually bought it and plan to buy the next one. I rarely go outside of itunes for music so it's rare for me to physically buy an album, but they are that good.

I'm not affiliated with the band in any way, but they are currently unsigned and I'd like to see them get some recognition I think they deserve.
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I've saw them live a couple of times. They're weak. The guy's screams are processed. They're derivative. Blah

I am in this band. I'm just curious as to what you mean when you proclaim our vocalist's vocals are processed?
hahaha. i really hope you are in the band....because that guy is an idiot. i've seen you guys once and you sounded sick. i really wish you'd make it back to milwaukee again so i could hear the new material. atonement is great.
oh cool a metalcore band that has singy parts and breakdowns. amazing.

Method of Groove

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No! Never "/sarcasm"!
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