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Second time singing, on my crappy computer microphone. I know I'm not very good, basically just going for improvement from my first cover on the vocals. Anyway, let me know what you think. I may redo parts of the vocals, but I can't right now, so I figured I'd upload it anyway.

C4C for sure, just give me a link to your song.
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You did good for your second time on vocals, pitches will be wavy when you first start singing. I sing pitches with guitar scales and octave jumps helps me, esp for a warm up. As you sing pitches try to open up a little bit too, take a good breath and try to use your air. Your guitar sounds awesome, I know its not a crazy hard song but your rhythm and recording quality sounds good, especially w/ the solo at the end I liked that. Keep it up bro you got something good going on.

P.S. Thanks a lot for the GGD crit
Thank you.

Sounds good. I've never heard the original, but your voice fits this song really well. Guitar seemed pretty much spot on to me, so good work there. The only real critique I have is the emotion in your voice. It seems like there could be a little more sometimes, but again I haven't heard the original so that might just be the song. Good job overall though.

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Hey man thanks for the crit on my Snow Patrol cover

Anyways, not bad man. I pretty much agree with what's been said already; there are definitely some pitch problems in there, but hey man not bad for having just started singing. You've got a nice tone of voice, just keep practicing hitting those notes on the spot, cause you kinda miss the pitch at times. That said though, pretty good. Diggin the guitar tone, the playing; recording quality not bad for just a crappy computer mic. Haha. Keep at it man.

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