I bought speed kills one off ebay used and must say it is pretty good . I can see some quickness starting in my playing. I notice the whole concept seems tremelo picking though. Here is what i am wondering from any of the experienced guys

angelo says in the video that when you go down like from the d string to the g string the first stroke shoudl be an upstroke. I am trying to get into that but it seems i always start with a down stroke. When i go from g to d it seems i always use an upstroke. I am wondering if anyone else does this and will it really hinder my playing if i do this, or is it a style thing. I am mostly into kiss, george lynch and motley crue and none of them play anywhere near as fast as angelo so i thought i would seek input
I go upstroke but i can see going down stroke my just slow the flow a bit, but i wouldn't worry about speed exercises just practice scales and improv, cause i cant stand micheal he fast but super dooper boring,
but yeah whip out ur metronome practice getting timing and synchronization right