Hey everyone. I live in a quiet area of the city, so I can't be blasting my recording equipment and microphone to get anything recorded. I've been looking into doing it on the computer but don't know what equipment to get.

I'm just a hobbyist so I'm not looking for something totally expensive. But if it's going to sound like **** then I'd prefer to spend more money.

Any ideas?
Audacity for a start.
What OS do you run?
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A good DAW an interface and a midi keyboard will probably get you moving.
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Digidesign mbox mini should run you about $300 or so, and it comes with ProTools software which, IMO, you can't beat
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PM me if you want to know about my recording setup
digital recording n. A method of recording in which portions of sound waves ...
Regardless of software, digital video is generally edited on a setup with ample
disk space. ... CCIR 601 used for broadcast stations; MPEG-4 good for online ...
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