Guitarist looking for band members or a band, i live in Scarborough and am into metal (mainly thrash, groove, metalcore, death and prog). Im 16. If you are interested contact me at alexz92@hotmail.com.
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I'm 16 as well, but unsure if I'll be able to suit your style...
I live in Toronto as well, downtown though.

I'm mostly a blues rock guitar player ... but closest influences of metal for me would be Gn'R, some Metallica, and Rage Against the Machine.
hmm, well im into most music, played lots of blues last year, dunno if u wanna jam
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Yeah I'd like to jam, I don't know any other open minded musicians in person ...

Where ? ... When ?

Btw. I'm sixteen as well, and my name is Anthony ^^
haha yea, i like to try different things, music is so big you just can't stay in one genre.
well my emails there, msg me an we can see.

btw as u can see by my email im Alex
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I live in Scarborough aswell. I haven't really played with anybody else for a while and have been looking for some people to jam with. I play a lot of metal...actually I'll play anything but I mainly stick with metal.
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Yeah it'd be great if we all could jam, hopefully the weather will get warmer.