Hey everyone, my band just posted a new song on our myspace called "Miss You," please check it out and tell me what you think. We also have a new recording of the song "Faded Star" on our myspace too. (the link is in my sig)

Thanks in advance, C4C!
the song sounds pretty good for a demo, the lyrics and vocals sound pretty nice

the acoustic guitar is pretty well recorded, have u tried recording it with a steel string guitar it would give it a sharper sound and liven up the song a bit,

a bass could really help aswell but as i saw theres only two of you.

otherwise i like the part where the guitar slowly gets louder all of a sudden at 3:50


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I really liked the vocals they make the song, but theres something not right with the guitar it seems to speed up and slow down or somethings just not right. Maybe I'm just crazy right now.....Anyways the vocals are good I just think theres definately something wrong with the guitar, that should be an easy fix though(I listened to miss you btw)....

I'm listening to Faded Star right now which is a really cool song and I can't hear anything weird about the guitar on this one so maybe you were just a little off on Miss You. Anyways faded star rocks man keep puting out stuff like that I sent you guys a friend request.

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