Which would be better for modern thrash metal style?
Right now I am use a G1X Processer, but that is very limited as far as tone flexibility.

Should I get the Scott Ian-Black13?
or the Boss MetalCore pedal?
I usualy run through two amps..
a Kruger Backline112
and.. a Peavy Windsor HalfStack

help please?
eh... those screeching distortion pedals going through those amps... I don't even want to think about it. I'd get neither one of them if I had to though. I'd get the digitech valve distortion hardwire pedal.
so wait..you play thrash but you bought a windsor...? theres your problem right there...
get the scott ian. i actually like some of some of the tones.
the amps I have aren't very good..I know this..
I'm only fourteen years old haha
and my parents refuse to buy me amps over $300 because they im wasting my time..:P
but Im saving up bigtime for some better equipment.

I got the windsor for $150 from a friend and I got the backline bass amp for my christmas but Im thinking about getting a Crate halfstack, a distortion pedal , and a wah.

so yes..full statement :P
Save for a real amp if that's your plan.
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The metal muff is probably a great choice but the new digitech stuff is supposedly quite good.

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