Hello UG! Im cleaning out some stuff as im doing some spring cleaning, and stumbled upon something that was given to me a couple years ago. Is a Vintage Austin Gold Overdrive Pedal.
The product is MINTY, never used, warranty card and manual sitting there in the box.
This was used by a big rock/metal band of the 80's and 90's and left at my ex girlfriends moms house. I dont remember the name as when it was given to me i we we're drinking and her mom was telling me about her drugged up groupie years. ick. Anyways, its so clean and cool looking, but i am a heavy metal player and ill stick with my EMG's and Mark IV for my tone and distortion.
The user manual says printed in 96' and i would say judging from the aging on the box 96 sounds about right for the age of the entire product.

80 Bucks plus shipping ( which shouldnt be much at all this is a small package )
and its yours. i will throw in a free cable, picks of various sizes and thicknesses, and some other free goodies i have lying around.

As far as tone and the sound of the pedal, this is UG, please check reviews here or try other sites, i couldnt give a fair review of a product i could not appreciate.
What i do know is that every year production qaulity for guitar related products goes down, as jobs are outsourced to cheap labor overseas and cutting corners on manufacturing is increasing steadily.

Please ask for more info or pics, i will be posting them soon anyway.

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