Hey guys. I just got my new JS30 Warrior in today. I wanted a hardtail, and since all the other more expensive warriors have a floyd, I went with the JS and plan to swap out the tuners, and pickups. Here's my problem. The nut slot for the A string is cut way too low, and I have buzzing on that string while playing open. My question is, where can I buy a replacement Jackson nut? I checked the Jackson site, and they don't sell parts. Any ideas?
you mean one that was black but is now painted white? oh.... damn, my mistake.
if it's a locking nut, then you need to look for one online, ebay or stewmac might have them. if it's a standard nut, then you can go to any decent guitar store or online site and buy one, just measure the width, height and thickness of your nut and get one with those specs.
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since the JS has a regular nut just go to local shop and buy a nut. Get it professionally installed by your local luthier.
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dont even mess with that, have the local shop build the A string slot up with a little super glue, let it dry and then re-file it to just above the string gague of your A string. EASY. CHEAP. FIX. that works great.
You don't need to replace it (as stated directly above), just get your local shop to fix it. Hell, If you bought it from a store, they'll probably fix it for free.