i went to the guitarcenter website and all the prices went UP especially fender guitars! was this cuz of the economy or is the website just broken? if i missed something can someone plz inform me wat happened
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economy. and you're missing alot if you don't know that the economy is f'ed.
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everything also went up on musiciansfriend.com
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i didn't know that the economy already affected the music industry

Hur dur....

It's effecting everyone. Hence the name, "Global Economic Crisis".
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yeah you did miss something havent you seen the news in the past yr or so the economy is ****ed and to accomodate prices are going up on every thing
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Damn you, economy.
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its called inflation. prices always go up. you will see when youre about 30 and youre WTFing the guy at mcdonalds because youre coffee is $4.
yep it's the economy.

The sad thing is that affecting the smaller stores more than the big chains.

I mean i had raise prices on the Fenders and Jackson this week.
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