sorry if i posted this in the wrong place. need some advice. I bought a shecter damien close to new with emg 81/60's. It sounds really good to me but i was thinkin about exchanging it for the hellraiser sunset or a ltd viper 400. I dont care a whole lot ab fl. i just want a good guitar for mostly metal and nice cleans. after i got the damien i noticed it has a lfr. Is that bad. I dont use it much. I just dont want something i will have to upgrade anytime soon. also i play through a rolad cube 30 until i can save enough for a half stack. what do u all think??? budget is 5- 6 hundred
does it play well? if so keep it. emgs sound about the same in everything. the floyd rose trem will be a bit of a bitch to set up and tune if you dont know what you're doing, but just being a LFR is no reason to go run and buy upgrades. LFRs play just fine usually, althought i dont know alot about the schecter ones. dont buy into the people that tell you that you need an ofr
cool bud. that helps. thanks. it plays great to me. but im coming from a lower line ibanez rx series. but thats cool. i just didnt know if the lfr would be problems. I have already re strung it so thats not a big deal.
Spend it on an amp. Yr Gtr is fine
Sorry I couldn't resist txt spk after interpreting 'about Floyd Rose'
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cool deal. yeah im working on the amp now. just bought the cube 30x for practicing and its not to bad. thinking about goin with a krank. thanks for all your quick responses.