is ibanez GRX40 good for beginner good for a beginne or should i get the yamaha 012 or gigmaker
If you must join the millions of beginners with a strat-like axe, the GRX40 is not the worst of them. But I expect you'll follow the trend and lose interest in a few months. Be imaginative and think what you would like to play. Then work out a guitar and amp that will help you along the way. Lots of people here will give advice on best deals.
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I would say from my own experience go with an ibanez gio HSH PUP configuration. It gives alot of diversity plus its cheap and very possible to find a jem of a guitar if you play through a few. I started with an Ibanez GRG170DX, was/is freakn awesome.

Buy a cheap amp separate, and then upgrade ASAP. Or save up a bit more and get a decent amp for a beginner, not talking like a pro tube amp or half-stack etc, just something small with a good tone.
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