Hey all!

Some of you may have already seen my old cover of Joe Satriani's Midnight... it was all right, the playing was good, but the recording quality sucked big-time. After all this time, I decided to delete the old video and do a re-record, using the better equipment I acquired since the last recording...

And the result sports a much better audio quality indeed! Video quality hasn't improved that much, but it's the audio it's all about after all... Check it out here!

Crit for crit, as usual...

Definitely can hear the difference in quality, tone is very true to the original, and of course, the playing was excellent, liked the improv in the middle too.

C4C some of the stuff in my profile?

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It's not really improv, my cover is based on the G3 live version of the song:

I'll definitely check out your work! Cheers!
Very good tone, very good playing too. I also noticed you played some parts from G3 no? I might be wrong though, but it sounded similar :P

Anyways, very good!

Cheers for the crit and sorry for late crit :P
This is the closest I've heard anyone come to getting this spot on. There were a few dodgy parts around 1:20 and 1:40, but that was really all I could not. You made a truely difficult song look so easy.
Sounds great man! Tone is pretty much perfect and you playing is really good too. I would be really interested to hear you own songs.
Excellent job! I learned the song straight up and never thought to inject improv into it. I was pleasantly surprised! Tone was spot on and the playing was as fluid as the original.
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