so my bday has been and ive got loads money out of it (£310).

so im looking for a new guitar, the guitar has to have a floyd rose, 22 or 24 frets, nice pups my budget is £300 to £400 (450 MAX), I mainly play metal such as metallica n stuff

atm ive got a line 6 spider (laugh) but ive ordered a new amp so im all good in that department

so Ugers help me!
Looks like you're set on a Jackson KE3, so why not save up some more and get what 'YOU' want and not what a load of anonomous people on the internet tell you to get? ;~)
Some kind of Ibanez S. Or any Ibanez you can find without an Edge 3. An S should have a ZR, which is a really good trem.
yeah im kind of set on the kE3, but i just would like to know if theres anything better in that price range