Alright guys... I'm new to this forum, only just joined today but i see the site has a good classified section so i'm taking this cab off Ebay and putting it in here.

It's a Mesa Rectifier 2x12 cab, a year old, never left the house or been gigged. Loaded with Celestion V30's. Absolutely mint condition other than a tiny scuff on the lower edge at the front (hardly noticeable).

Still has the factory inspection tag attached.

Check the photos and feel free to ask any questions. I can take a photo to prove ownership if required (as i am a new forum member)

Price is £400 including courier, no offers. The RRP is approx £630-£650 so this is a great price to sell fast.

Payment is via Paypal and sent same day via courier (no exceptions). Will ship to the US if the buyer is stateside.

Oh lord.... Damn my money situation! lol. This would be awesome.

Good luck with the sale mate
It's the money situation which is the reason i'm selling! Just need it for other things and i'll probably buy a used Marshall 2x12 to replace it at a later date.

I've been running it with a Hughes & Kettner TriAmp head and it's pretty much my perfect rig. Never mind though.... My loss is some one elses gain!