So I'm considering getting a new Strat body soon, but it's SSS, and I need HSS... but this is really the only body I can get due to a limited budget, so I'm going to mod it.

I don't have any fancy things like routers, or any shop tools, but my father says we can chisel the rear pickup cavity to a humbucker size... but I'm unsure. He is not a luthier, nor a player, and I just wanted UG's second opinion.

Would it be possible to chisel a single cavity into a humbucker cavity? If not, are there any other basic options?
Yes its possible, but i'd imagine it would be VERY messy! A router will only cost you like 20 quid!

Ask at your local store/local guitar tech to see if they/he could do it for you.
That's the thing. I have no one near me that can do that... plus I would much rather do it myself.

And there's no point in wasting 20 quid on something I'm going to use only once...

Looks like the chisel is the way. Thanks
i HSSd a strat body with a £15 netto router and a £10 bit set

and it was easy peasy
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
I'm not buying anything... every penny I earn from my limited income is being saved to get the body in the first place, so it's a total no-go. £25-£30 is a lot of money to me, sad as it seems.

I only wanted to know if a chisel would work instead, and apparently it will, so it's all dandy
^A chisel will work just fine, it's not easy to do and you might want to practice on something else 1st just to get the hang of it. Once you develop the ability, a chisel can be just as good as a router. I'd suggest drilling a lot of holes of your desired depth to help ease the chiseling. It'll also make you less likely to damage the rest of the body as well as giving you a guide for uniform depth.
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Thankyou, CorduroyEW. Absolutely smashing idea.

EJDEDIT: Thanks too, Michael
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