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So, any ideas on how to lower the action on this little babe?
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I could be wrong, but i think the bridge gets taken off and sanded down to get lower action. Quite a job i'd assume.
to mcshredder, sanding down the bridge nut and the top nut isnt that big a deal. thats only IF you know what youre doing.

you have to measure everything out, i cant remember how. but check FRETS.com best site for help with acoustics

dont try and sand it yourself, go the shop or luthier, see what they can do. and look for the right course of action, but if you dont have a truss rod then naturally the only way to reduce it is by sanding down the bridge.
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take it to the shop, they might know how to fix it.
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The truss rod is not for adjusting action.

+1 Finally something good.

Other than that, if you don't know what your doing just take it to a shop... It's better that than the headache and lament of ruining it later.
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Durr. Lower the string guage?
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That's the first thing. Lighter strings give less tension and don't pull the neck so much. Then look at action at 12th fret Measure it and decide how much lower you want it Don't go crazy as you won't get a 1mm action from that guitar. So if its 8mm and you want 4 you need to lower the bridge piece (the white bit) 8mm being twice the variance as its twice as far from the nut. However, life is never that simple because you would need to be very confident that the action at the first few frets won't be too low then.
And that's a very long-winded way of explaining why its best to take it to an expert to do.
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