I'm looking for a new acoustic guitar. I was thinking abot spending somewhere around $1000.
My question is, what's the best guitar in this price range in your opinion?

hmm, i havent bought an acoustic in so long, cause mine is reliable, very very reliable :P
try takamine perhaps? im sorry if im being vague here. but naturally check the big brands.
takamine, Maton, Martin, Ovation.

its all down to you. btw it helps to know what's your playing style. either for strumming with minimal tech or fingerstyle. if youre gonna slap the body, if not. enlighten us with some specifics. and itll help a lot.
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There's nothing incredibly interesting here.
I'd prefer a small neck. I'm best at fingerplay, but I'd like to practice some better strumming skills. I also want steel-strings, not nylon. I also want it suitable for amplifying. With maybe also a built-in tuner.
I currently have a Fender Stratocaster, and I love it. That model prefectly fits my needs and style.
And no, i'm mainly not looking for a slap-body guitar.

Definitely look at Takamine - nice tone - slender neck - cutaway - full sound. (I'm sure Martins, Taylors, Gretch and possibly certain Gibsons can ALL be obtained at good deals during this credit crunch - Shop around.

MusiciansFriend.com give great service and have some cracking bargains on the go.

Good luck!

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I personally wouldn't touch the Ibanez acoustic guitars. They have quite a few problems. Especially with their electronics breaking down.

Since you asked for personal opinions on the best guitars under $1000, here's my list in no particular order:

- Epiphone Masterbilt Series Spruce top Dreadnought w/ Rosewood side/back
- Seagull Maritime Spruce Mini-Jumbo
- Martin 000-15

All of them are seriously well built guitars. The Seagull isn't all solid, but it sounds amazing regardless.
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Thanks, captivate.
I'll try to check them out at some store.

By the way, which one has the thinnest neck? The Epiphone, am I right?

Google also gave me some interesting results;


And, I can't help it, but the IBANEZ AEF30-TVS has a shexy design!

So, does anyone have any experience with any of those guitars? Is there some you would recommend, or is there some I should avoid?

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I'd go for the Martin, since you play fingerstyle. You'll probably want the better volume and bass response. I played a spectacular Blueridge in a shop that had about twenty, but only the one was very impressive. Never had any luck at all with the other brands, at least not comparable to Martin for that kind of cash.

I was in the GC in Greensboro, NC today. They had this guitar: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Martin-DCXE-X-Series-Cutaway-Acoustic-Electric-514833-i1148387.gc
It had a large chunk missing on the edge of the top where it meets the side and the top was peeling away from the side. It looked like it had been dropped or damaged in shipping.

It STILL had a better tone than a $2000 Taylor. Too bad I couldn't talk them any lower. They were still wanting $500.

I've heard one good Alvarez that a friend owns. All solid wood, back and sides included. Sounded great, but not sure I would've paid $1100.
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