Anyone know when the 6505+ 112 is due out in the UK this year?
Would it be a worthy upgrade to my Valveking 112? I play metal with a Jackson Kevin Bond Signature Rhoads model.
ONLY metal?
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wow this sounds good! any idea on prices, in £

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ONLY metal?

isnt a 5150 ONLY for metal?? i guess you can play other stuff but it wouldnt sound too good would it?

and 6505+ combo sound awesome as hell
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Last I heard it was Q2 of this year, don't know of anything more specific than that though.
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6505 can do more than just metal.
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6505 can do more than just metal.

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As I said in some other thread, a compressor/sustainer or a chorus pedal would make the 6505 great for old school country tones.
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I know guitarist from a certain band that plays pop punk/punk rock that uses a 5150, which is pretty much the same as a 6505 (I think,) and he has one of the best tones I have ever heard.



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