hey guys,

my mate would like to borrow my blues deluxe to amplify his violin at a gig, but i'm not sure if a guitar amp is suitable for the violin. can it damage the speaker or will the amp be fine ?

Hmm... I don't know really... but I think it shouldn't do damage to the amp. Acoustic guitars don't do damage to an electric-guitar-amp either. The only thing I can say, is that it would surely sound horrible

In my band, we plug the violin into the PA and it works really fine.
i imagine itll be fine

AFAIK only a bass will break a speaker and theres no way a violin will go lower than that
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Yea, it's right! The frequency of a bass is too low. But a violin should be no problem.
Nah its fine i do it all the time with my electric violin. When you start using your whammy and delay and distortion things start to get really interesting! :p
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When you start using your whammy and delay and distortion things start to get really interesting! :p

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I saw a guy playing an electric violin at GC a few weeks ago, it should work fine.
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Guitar amps will work fine for a violin but its recommended that you use a keyboard amp or the like to accommodate a violins range but if its only a 4 string electric violin it should be fine some high-range stuff wont sound as pretty... i want a 7 string fretted vypr by woodviolins...
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We DI'd violin into the PA for gigs but at jam nights (anyone do them anymore?) it went through a Twin Reverb as clean as it could go with a bit of reverb on. Violinist got the bug and bought himself a delay, cry-baby and phaser. That started us on using it for a lead on Born to be Wild which was a bit different.
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