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Let's say I wanna be a studio musician or a writer of some sort, either for a guitar mag. or something else. What are the chances I actually get to do this? and what would I need to learn?

Post your dream job.
No idea about your chances, but if you wanna be a writer there's alot of jobs. Well, depending on how good you are and what area there's alot of jobs.

I want to be a travelling photographer. I estimate my chances to be over 9000.
I want to work in or own a record label.
I already work for one while Im at college, so now I just want to start my own.
I really wanted to be a historian but saying as you need a degree for that, Its not likey becuase Im already at college for music business.
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Well I'm not likely to become a Formula 1 driver or an astronaut or a robot from the future or godzilla.
Godzilla isn't an available occupation.

At least, not where I live.
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Being a rock star isn't as easy as it looks. So, my dream job was thrown out the window years ago. I'm going to be a psychologist now!

Say hello to, what, 6 (+) more years of college added to the 2 I have already.
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No idea about your chances, but if you wanna be a writer there's alot of jobs. Well, depending on how good you are and what area there's alot of jobs.

I want to be a travelling photographer. I estimate my chances to be over 9000.

OVER 9000???

i don't know what i want to do, but with college coming up, i would imagine i can find something
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It's hard to estimate your chances of getting something, you have to ignore that, nothing will come purely by chance, if you want something, work for it, plain as.

I kinda want to be a Taxi driver, but you have to be 25 to drive a taxi here, so I'm just working with no real goals or ideals as of yet.
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theres a fairly high chance of me becoming buckethead
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i want to wear a suit and feel important
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Godzilla isn't an available occupation.

At least, not where I live.
I think I'd have to move to Tokyo. It'd work well actually since the people there are tiny and I'm fairly tall so I could stomp around the place pretty good.
be in a succesful metal band, duh

not great chances though, w've never gigged and have been a band for one week
Like almost everyone here (unless they've achieved it already), doing something as a musician.

I'm soon going to be (hopefully) buying the fish and chips store that I work at as my own business as the owners are looking to sell because they're travelling 2 hours every day up and back to get there, and it's too far for them and their kids.
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I want to do sound design in video games, and considering that I'm doing a music degree that specialises in sound design and has links with the games industry, I'd say I won't have much trouble.
i want to own my own architectural firm. the chances are pretty good i guess.
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Why yes, yes it would.
Get a degree in medicine - a 50% chance of getting that. I know I can do it, I just have to focus and get good enough grades in my exams to get into uni.
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Guitarist in a rock/metal band. Chances are pretty low because I can't find other musicians.
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I want to be an animator.

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my dream is to go to berkly school of music and then make a band and be the lead guitarist.... i also would love to produce music... like adam from killswitch engage hes in a band and produces all that remains music.... then if my band breaks up or somthing make my own record lable and sign a bunch of underground bands and try and make them more popular and give those bands a future
I really to be a highlander when i grow up but their can be only one
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i'd say 20% chances I could do it
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Owning a skateshop: 80%

I can do that as long as I end up making it into Rutgers and if I have money to get a store with a place for me to live above it.

Then, I will be living a pretty awesome life. Putting boards together and selling people things, then play guitar upstairs when it is closing time.
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Any job in the music industry, ideally as a musician, but man, I'd settle any day being a producer or something, like Rick Rubin or Brendan O' Brien, and get to work with some fantastic bands.

Chances are slim, however I'm applying for a Music Media and Performance Technology course in college, so that should be fun.
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I would love to do ANYTHING with music for a living. I fear my chances are low, but worth a shot.
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I want to be in a snobby experimental avant garde band. That's probably not going to happen. So... law?
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I would love to do ANYTHING with music for a living. I fear my chances are low, but worth a shot.

Dude, because you live in Bloomington I advise you to hook up with some music related nonprofits in the area (there are tons and the profs at IU would probably give you an idea of where to look) and either get some volunteer time or maybe even a part time job (although the latter of the two isn't as likely these days) at one. There are so many ways you could get your foot in the door and start getting some experience. Then, when you're ready for college, IU has some great courses to take.

EDIT: Oh, mine: Batman isn't really an option, but curator at an art museum is a possibility if I work hard.
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Your chances depend on how much work you put in to achieving them. If you work your ass off, your chances are pretty good.

I want to be a musician as well, or an engineer at a studio.
I want to be a musician and thats it, and I'm starting to get worried not being able to find likeminded musicians. I've got all my eggs in one basket.
I think my chances are pretty high, I don't know why...but I just think they are.
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My dream job?

Either a Computer Programmer/Network Tech/Network Engineer/Designer or a drug dealer.

Haven't yet decided. I'm leaning towards the one that's legal....
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I'm gonna say 100%, the job I want can be self-employed if I choose so.
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I want to be a guitarist in a band. But a 'normal' job so to speak, I would love to work for a media cooporation investing in productions etc...
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