I'm selling a new in box Palomino V32 2x12 all tube amp. It's the two speaker combo cabinet version. I have to let this go because this is most definitely a gig amp, and not suitable for home use. I am not a musician, I just play guitar at home as hobby, and will likely never gig to be honest. I just had no idea these were so large and such monster amps. I really wanted a tube amp, but this is overkill. I absolutely love the tone on this thing, so it is true what they say about tubes! I am keeping my smaller solid state amp pictured to the left until I can find a smaller tube based amp.

The reverb tank was flaky when I received it-- it was a low quality reverb with somme usoldered wires -- so I had it replaced with a high quality Accutronics tank (it cost $43). Everything is brand new, only has been with me 10 days at home, and still has the protective film on the panel. There is not even a scratch on it.

Local pickup only, my zipcode is 45140 in Northern Cincinnati area.

Asking $400 or best offer. The used single speaker version of the V32 sells for about that much on ebay. So I think this is a fair price for a louder, better amp, that is in brand spanking new mint condition, as well as with upgraded high quality reverb tank. And one you will be able to test before buying.

You can find plenty reviews online about this amp. It is VERY well regarded, and a shame they stopped producing these.
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