White objects often go yellowish when handled alot.

I'm thinking of getting a SW LTD EC-1000, and I dont want the neck to tarnish and go all yellowy....

Do guitars often tarnish and go yellowy, or is this not a problem?

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My les pauls still as white as the day I bought it roughly 4 years ago now.
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it takes YEARS to get that kinda wear. It will be fine, and most white guitars look amazing in my opinion.
only tends to go yellow around smoke.
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ive never heard of a white guitar turning yellow
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Isn't Randy's LP sexy in that yellowish tint?

Could be the light, or the people smoking beneath him,

But what is supposed to be white shouldn't look yellow,

AND smoke causes the colour to become yellow, etc etc.
I think it might tint lightly, sometimes, just 'cause of aging.

But that takes a while. I want my Strat to.
well these days they use polyurethane for the finish. It's really durable and they dont wear and stuff. the clear coat will nver wear off unless you burn it or chip it.

dont worry.
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It doesn't tarnish, it fades into a cream color. Nothing really stays pure white like the day you bought it. I'm not sure if the back of the neck is painted on that particular model you mentioned but it won't 'tarnish' it and like mentioned before it'll take a long while especially with todays finishes for it to fade, being in a smoke environment would speed it up I'd imagine. I got an 1986 Kramer that was white and turned into this cool creme color, I like it gives it this vintage look
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White guitars age to a yellowish/cream color over time. Like Randy Rhoads' les paul custom. It could be a good thing for it to age like that. It just depends on what you like. It will tend to turn faster if your a smoker or if there is smoke around it often.
I'm wondering if some of the new pearl white or satin white finishes will yellow as much. Problem is, a seller will say what you want to hear and none are old enough for us to know.
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I got a snow white EC-1000 and i've had it since august and its still white lol.

try years, not months
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I have my white RG that ive owned for a year and my buddy owned it for about a year before that and its still white as snow.
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