I have a Roland Cube 60 and I was just wondering two things:

1) Is it loud enough, and does it sounds good, for gigs? At home I have NEVER turned the volume past 3 (clean channel) and 2 (distorted channel), so I guess that if I crank it I can play pretty loud gigs. Anyone used it live? How it sounded?

2) I'm looking for a wah pedal. I know that the Cube doesn't handle pedals very well, so I was wondering if someone knows a wah that sounds good on this amp. I play rock and metal and I'm looking for a wah like this:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gmkpfmuw11Y (check the solo at 3:19)

It should handle moderately sized (100-200 people) gigs fine, as to the wah; what's your budget?
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I was going to ask the same sing about the Wah, except that I'll buy a Cube 30x and not a Cube 60
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gigging should be fine. you can always mic it up to a P.A.

i'd get a Dunlop 535Q.
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