Hey All,
I'm doing a complete electronics overhaul on my OLP MM1.
The pickup mounts on the Seymour Duncan Invader pickup dont match the shape of the pickup route. The Duncans are square corners and the routes are kind trapezoidal contour.

I'm trying to figure out what the best way to go about getting these pickups in. I dont have that much equipment or space to work. (That's NYC apt living for ya )

I was planning on modding the pickup mounts themselves but I don't have a grinder to give them a bit of a contour, (or the space to do it in).

Briefly tried cutting the edges with a metal hacksaw blade but it was getting ugly fast so I stopped.

Usually I would use a hand router to adjust the size of the pickup route, but, these are direct mount pickups and I wont have pickup rings to cover up my shoddy workman ship.

The tools I have to work with are, Power Drill, hacksaw, and a small Ryobi Hand router.
Was thinking to get an attachment for the drill or router to use as a grinder?!?!?

Anyone have any tips or suggestions?

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So, after weighing a bunch of options I went over to my local hardware store an bought a small bench grinder.
Had the pickup installed in about 10 minutes after that!