so guys my friend is upgrading his squier standard guitar HSS, its a nice guitar IME better than your average MIM fender so why not mod it?
what kind of pups would you recomed for a thick sound, with a tight low end, no scooped mids or at least not too scopped , kind of tom`s delonge tone with his strat
the style is pop punk
his amp for band practice is a VOX VT50 or something that looked like it, and for the bigger gigs he uses a bigger tube amp, dont know wich
i was thinking a invader pickup would suit him, but i dont have much experience with it
any opinions

PS sorry for my english i need to get better at it i know
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An invader pickup might be a good choice. You should look up dimarzio tone zone and seymour duncan JB pickups as well for a replacement too.
Also look at Wylde pickups which is Bill Lawrence's company. He's some nice rails and singles.
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