I just started screwing around with improvisation and have found that I'm very limited to what I play.

I've been using the pentatonic scale on any blues chord progression and I have a general understanding of what notes sound on good while the chords are being played. The only problem is I only have a couple licks that would take me to the certain note.

Sorry if my explanation isn't 100% clear, I'm not really used to using guitar terms. I guess what I am trying to say is does anyone know of any licks for beginner improv players?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, whether it be guitar tabs for licks, youtube videos or just any suggestions, tips or tricks.

Thanks guys.
Uhm try the licks in the solos of Stairway to Heaven and such. Easy Zeppelin and Sabbath stuff

Also, learn which scales to apply. For example, in an Em progression, you COULD use the Em pent. scale, but you could also use the Am pent and the Gmaj scale
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Licks are a database that you build up on your own to develop your own sound and style. That just takes time to build and you are thinking about it correctly. Get from one note to the other... expression, know and anticipate the chord changes. I think you understand that. You really don't want a database of licks, I hope that one doesn't exist because YOUR licks are what define you as a guitarist.

I do suggest toying with rhythmic bunches like ascending triplets... dunno, I don't really have a database of licks myself. I just know and use counterpoint techniques when I improvise. That's how I get my 'style' but we're always, even subconsciously building on databases.